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Over the last twenty years, I have accumulated a vast selection

of Philatelic Books and Stamp Catalogues which are

now unfortunately surplus to my requirements,

due to my early retirement from Bonhams

Auctioneers - Stamp Department.


The vast majority are now "Out of Print" publications

and are in good condition.


I have listed below, the Air Mail "AM” book list for

your perusal and it may contain that elusive title

that you have been looking for.


If you require any of the books listed below,

please get in touch.

If the publication that you require is not listed below,

please e.mail me with the details and I will

see if I can obtain it for you.


My e.mail address is acmrosh@aol.com





All books were available when this


list was compiled, but some


may have since been sold.



I will contact you as soon as


your e.mail is received.




Codes used in the list


 H/B. Hard Bound.    S/B.  Soft Bound.


Sp/B.  Spiral Bound.


L/L.  Loose Leaf.    D/C.  Dust Cover.


P/R. Prices Realised.

Prices are in Pounds Sterling.

Postage and Packing is extra.


AM101 AIRMAIL: 1936 Auction Catalogue of Airmail Stamps and First Flight Covers. 18.2.1936. 8.00
AM102 AIRMAIL: Armstrong. The Romance of the Air Post - An Introduction to Air Post Collecting. S/B. Ex.libris. 10.00
AM103 AIRMAIL: Baldwin. Bridging the Atlantic. The Aero Field Handbook No.7. H/B. 7.50
AM104 AIRMAIL: Baldwin. Fifty Years of Atlantic Mail Flights. S/B. 5.00
AM105 AIRMAIL: Field. Aerial Propaganda Leaflets - A Collector's Handbook. With Update. ("The Areo Field" Handbook 15). H/B. 25.00
AM106 AIRMAIL: Freeman: Airfields of the Eighth - Then and Now. HB & D/C. 8.00
AM107 AIRMAIL: Gibbs-Smith. Leonardo da Vinci's Aeronautics. S/B. 5.00
AM108 AIRMAIL: Guttery. Lifelines 23 - Zeppelin An Illustrated Life of Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin. S/B. 6.00
AM109 AIRMAIL: Hagedorn. 2000 Spezialaukion Luftfahrt-Objekte. S/B. 2.00
AM110 AIRMAIL: Harris: World's First Air Stamp. Italy 1917. European Philatelic Library. S/B. 4.00
AM111 AIRMAIL: Holmes. "AIR MAIL - An Illustrated History 1793-1981". H/B & D/C. 12.50
AM112 AIRMAIL: Jackson. Flying the Mail. Story of Mail Flights and Aircraft. H/B. 12.00
AM113 AIRMAIL: Kronstein: Pioneer Airpost Flights of The World. 1830-1935. H/B. 27.50
AM114 AIRMAIL: Labrousse. Repertoire des Traversees Aeriennes de L'Atlantique Sud. 1930-1940. S/B. 5.00
AM115 AIRMAIL: Mayer. Air Bleu - Poste Aerienne Rapide. S/B. 12.50
AM116 AIRMAIL: McQueen. Jusqu'a Airmail Markings. A Study. Sp/B. 8.00
AM117 AIRMAIL: McQueen. Jusqu'a Airmail Markings. A Study. 1995 Supplement. Sp/B. 12.00
AM118 AIRMAIL: Melville. Aero-Stamp Collecting. 1923. S/B. S/Faults. 5.00
AM119 AIRMAIL: Melville. Aero-Stamp Collecting - A Practical Guide and Descriptive Catalogue. 1924. S/B. Ex.libris. 10.00
AM120 AIRMAIL: Muller. Catalogue des Aerogrammes du Monde Entier. 1960. S/B. Scarce. 45.00
AM121 AIRMAIL: Priddy. West African Airmails. The McCaig & Porter Collections. H/B. New. 15.00
AM122 AIRMAIL: Short. Glider Mail - An Aerophilatelic Handbook. H/B. 10.00
AM123 AIRMAIL: Stephen's Airgraph and V… - Mail Catalogue. Photocopy. 2.60
AM124 AIRMAIL: Thomas. 1977 Air Transport Label. Vol.3. Canada and Caribbean Area. S/B. 5.00
  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  
AM125 AIRMAIL-AEROGRAMMES: Greiner. Aerogramme Europas. (in English and German). S/B. 10.00
AM126 AIRMAIL-AUCTION: Harmers. The Boonshaft Collection of Airmails of the World. 16.12.93. S/B & P/R.. 5.00
AM127 AIRMAIL-AUCTION: Harmers. The "Pegasus" Collection. 11/12.3.1986. S/B. 12.00
AM128 AIRMAIL-AUCTION: Harmers. The Peinado Colombia Airmails. 19.10.2000. S/B 7.00
AM129 AIRMAIL-AUCTION: Phillips. The "Osprey" Collection of Aviation & Airpost Covers & Cards. 3-4.11.1983. S/B & P/R. 10.00
AM130 AIRMAIL-AUCTION: Siegel. Airpost Stamps of the World. 12/11-14/11/1969. S/B. 2.50
AM131 AIRMAIL-AUCTION: Siegel. Oded Eliashar Collection - Worldwide Pigeon Mail. S/B. 4.00
AM132 AIRMAIL-CATALOGUE: A.M.S. Catalogue of Air Mail Stamps and First Flight Covers. 18.2.36. S/B. 3.00
AM133 AIRMAIL-CATALOGUE: Boesman. Vliegbrieven Catalogus. 4th Edition. S/B. 8.00
AM134 AIRMAIL-CATALOGUE: Sieger. 3 Auflage. Osterreichischer Flugpost Katalog. S/B. 4.00
AM135 AIRMAIL-CATALOGUE. Sieger Zeppelin Post Katalog. 21st Edition. S/B. 7.00
AM136 AIRMAIL-CATALOGUE: Stanley Gibbons Air Stamp Catalogue. 1932. S/B. Faults. 5.00
AM137 AIRMAIL-FORGERIES: Newall. Air Mail Stamps Fakes and Forgeries. H/B & D/C. 20.00
AM138 AIRMAIL-MAGAZINES: Phillips. 1942 Air Mail Magazines. Vol.4. Nos.35 to 46. Bound. H/B. 12.50
AM139 AIRMAIL-R.P.S.L-DISPLAY PAPERS: Seymour-Asquith. Comet to Concorde. 10.4.03. S/B. 2.50
AM140 AIRMAIL-WORLD: Mayer. Air Bleu - Poste Aerienne Rapide. S/B. 12.50
AM141 AIRMAIL-WORLD: Short. Glider Mail - An Aerophilatelic Handbook. H/B. 10.00
AM142 AIRMAIL-WORLD WAR II: Wilson. Report on the Progress of Civil Aviation. 1939-1945. S/B. 20.00
  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *     *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  
AM143 AIRMAIL-EAST AFRICA: Colley. The Airmail of East Africa. S/B. 27.50
AM144 AIRMAIL-AUSTRALIA: Clayton. Australian Military Aviation. Australia's Heritage in Stamps. H/B. 7.50
AM145 AIRMAIL-AUSTRALIA: Eustis: R. Graham Carey. Pioneer Airman The Adelaide to Gawler 1917 Air Mail. S/B Copy. 3.00
AM146 AIRMAIL-AUSTRALIA: Eustis. The Australian Air Mail Catalogue. 5th Edition. H/B & D/C. 15.00
AM147 AIRMAIL-AUSTRALIA: Eustis: The Ross Smith Air Stamp. S/B. 8.00
AM148 AIRMAIL-AUSTRALIA: Sinfield. The First Cawooweal - Daly Waters Airmail of 1930. L/L. 2.00
AM149 AIRMAIL-BERMUDA: Clark. The Airmails of Bermuda. 1925-1989. A Specialised Catalogue and Illustrated Price List. S/B. 15.00
AM150 AIRMAIL-CHINA: Lu. A Comprehensive Illustration of Covers with Sinkiang Provisional Airmail Stamps (1932-1933). S/B. 10.00
AM151 AIRMAIL-COLOMBIA: Phillips. Colombian Airmail Stamps and Flown Covers Auction Catalogue. 25.5.1990. S/B. 5.00
AM152 AIRMAIL-CUBA: Garcia. El Correo Aeros en Cuba. 1937. S/B. 12.00
  AIRMAIL-CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Mahr/Vouhsem. Geschichte der Tschechoslowakischen Flugpost by Mahr/Vouhsem.
AM153 AIRMAIL-CZECHOSLOVAKIA:   "     "     "   Tiel 1 Die Pionierzeit. S/B. 4.00
AM154 AIRMAIL-CZECHOSLOVAKIA:   "     "     "   Tiel 2 1918-1921. S/B. 4.00
AM155 AIRMAIL-CZECHOSLOVAKIA:   "     "     "   Tiel 3 Die Flugstrecken in der Tschechoslowakei . 1923 - 1938/9. S/B. 4.00
AM156 AIRMAIL-CZECHOSLOVAKIA:   "     "     "   Tiel 4 Zeppelin, Katapultflugpost und allgemeine Angaben 1923 - 1938/9. S/B. 4.00
AM157 AIRMAIL-FRANCE: Air France. Indicateur General. 1934-35 with Route Map. S/B. 5.00
AM158 AIRMAIL-FRANCE: C.A.F. Air Bleu - Postale de Nuit. S/B. 12.50
AM159 AIRMAIL-FRANCE: Field. Les Vignettes Francaises D'Aerostation et D'Aviation des Origines a 1940. S/B. 20.00
AM160 AIRMAIL-FRANCE: Silombra. Histoire de L'Aerostation et de L'Aviation Francaise de 1783 A 1930. H/B. 20.00
AM161 AIRMAIL-GERMANY: Dahmann. Deutsche Luftpost=Stempel. S/B. 10.00
AM162 AIRMAIL-GERMANY: Harms. DO X Luftpost Katalog 1929-1933. S/B. 10.00
AM163 AIRMAIL-GERMANY: Sieger. Katalog der Flugpost der Neuen Deutschen Lufthansa. S/B. 4.00
AM164 AIRMAIL-GERMANY: Steinbock, Berliner Auslands-Luftpost. S/B. 6.50
AM165 AIRMAIL-GB: "THE AERO FIELD": 1937 (New Series) Vol.1 No.1-4 & 6-10. Jan/Feb - Dec. 1937. (No June 37). (9). 12.00
AM166 AIRMAIL-GB: "THE AERO FIELD": 1957-1961 (New Series) Vol.21 to 25 Complete. Jan/Feb.1957-Dec.1961. (50) 20.00
AM167 AIRMAIL-GB: "THE AERO FIELD": 1962-1966 (New Series) Vol.26 to 30 Complete. Jan/Feb.1957-Dec.1966. (56) 17.50
AM168 AIRMAIL-GB: AIR MAIL NEWS-British Air Mail Soc.: 1958-2005 Cumulative Index. S/B. 3.00
AM169 AIRMAIL-GB: AIR MAIL NEWS-British Air Mail Soc.: 2000-03 Selection May 2000-August 2003 (11) + Dec.1996 & Feb.1997. (13). 5.00
AM170 AIRMAIL-GB: AIR MAIL NEWS-British Air Mail Soc.: 2003-08 Selection Nov. 2000-Nov. 2008. (12). 5.00
AM171 AIRMAIL-GB: B.A.F. Bulletins.: 1986-2000. Selection from 01.1986 No.66 to 02.2000. No.139. (54) 10.00
AM172 AIRMAIL-GB: 1983 "Apex 1983" Special Dinner Card and Special Cards and Souvenir Sheet. (4) 5.00
AM173 AIRMAIL-GB: 1993 "Eur-Apex'93" Exhibition Catalogue. London. S/B. 5.00
AM174 AIRMAIL-GB: Baldwin: British Air Mails 1784-1946. H/B. Faults. 25.00
AM175 AIRMAIL-GB: Baldwin. Great Britain Airway Letter Stamps and Services. S/B. 5.00
AM176 AIRMAIL-GB: Baldwin: Railway Air Services - British Inland Air Posts. S/B. 5.00
AM177 AIRMAIL-GB: Bamford. Croissants at Croydon. The Memoirs of Jack Bamford. S/B. 5.00
AM178 AIRMAIL-GB: Beith. Yorkshire Air Mails. S/B. 8.00
AM179 AIRMAIL-GB: Berew. Staffordshire and Black Country Airfields. S/B. 10.00
AM180 AIRMAIL-GB: Brew. Black Country Transport - Aviation in Old Photographs. S/B. 7.50
AM181 AIRMAIL-GB: B.A.F. 2nd National Airmail Exhibition Programme & Report. 23-24-.10.82. S/B. 5.00
AM182 AIRMAIL-GB: Dodsworth. Wings Over Yorkshire. Pioneer Aviators and their Flying Machines. S/B. 4.00
AM183 AIRMAIL-GB: Field: Great Britain. The British Mails of the Graf Zeppelin. S/B. 6.00
AM184 AIRMAIL-GB: H.M.S.O.: War Book - Merchant Airman. 1939-1944. S/B. Scarce. 8.00
AM185 AIRMAIL-GB: Malcolm: The Scottish International Aviation Meeting. Lanark. S/B. 7.50
AM186 AIRMAIL-GB: Redgrove. The Air Mails of the British Isles. H/B. 60.00
AM187 AIRMAIL-GB-SCOTLAND: Beith. Scottish Air Mails. 1919-1979. S/B. 7.50
AM188 AIRMAIL-HONG KONG: Baldwin/Field: Hong Kong Air Post History - Priced Check List. S/B. 5.00
AM189 AIRMAIL-HUNGARY: Homolya. Hungarian Air Mail Postmarks. Sp/B. 7.00
AM190 AIRMAIL-INDIA: Brown. Indian Air Mail Postage Rates until 1956. S/B. 25.00
AM191 AIRMAIL-INDIA: Smith. World Flyer's Danger Zone. Slight faults. S/B. 12.50
AM192 AIRMAIL-JAPAN: Kessler's Catalogue of Aerogrames. Reproduction of Vol.1 & Vol.II pages for Aerograms of Japan. 2.60
AM193 AIRMAIL-NETHERLANDS: Boesman. Postvluchten. H/B & D/C. 10.00
AM194 AIRMAIL-NETHERLANDS: De Vliegende Hollander. Luchtpostcatalogus van Nederland en Overzeese Rijksdelen. S/B. 6.00
AM195 AIRMAIL-NETHERLANDS: P.R.B. KLM Facts. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. S/B. 4.00
AM196 AIRMAIL-NORWAYS: Baldwin. A Check List of Norwegian Air Mails. S/B. 4.00
AM197 AIRMAIL-SCANDINAVIA: Luning. Luftpostens Historia I Norden. The History of Airmail in Scandinavia. S/B. 30.00
AM198 AIRMAIL-SOUTH AFRICA: Uys. Airmails of the Republic of South Africa. 1961-1981 (Including Flights in S.W.A.) S/B. 8.00
AM199 AIRMAIL-SWITZERLAND: Schweizerischer Luftpost-Katatop mit Zeppelinpost und Liechtensteinflugen. 1949. S/B. 12.50
AM200 AIRMAIL-THAILAND: Fawdry. Air Post in Thailand. S/B. 10.00
AM201 AIRMAIL-USA: Schoendorf. Pioneer Flights of Garden City Estates, New York 1911. S/B. 8.00
AM202 AIRMAIL-USA: The American Air Mail Catalogue. A Reference Listing of Airposts of the World. Volume 1. 4th Edition. H/B. 20.00
AM203 AIRMAIL-USA: The American Air Mail Catalogue. A Reference Listing of Airposts of the World. Volume 1. 5th Edition. H/B. 24.00
AM204 AIRMAIL-USA: The American Air Mail Catalogue. A Reference Listing of Airposts of the World. Volume 3. 5th Edition. H/B. 20.00
AM205 AIRMAIL-USA: The American Air Mail Catalogue. A Reference Listing of Airposts of the World. Volume 4. 4th Edition. H/B. 20.00
AM206 AIRMAIL-USA: The American Air Mail Catalogue of Air Letter Sheets. 1953 Edition & 1954 Supplement. S/B. (2). 7.50
AM207 AIRMAIL-USA: The American Air Mail Catalogue of Air Letter Sheets. 1955. S/B. 7.50
AM208 AIRMAIL-USA: O'Sullivan. History of the U.S. Pioneer and Government-Operated Air Mail Service 1910-1928. H/B. 15.00
AM209 AIRMAIL-USA: Vandenboom. Classifying the U.S. "Bi-Plane and Mono-Plane" Slogan Cancels. Old Photocopy. S/B. 2.40
AM210 AIRMAIL-USA-AIRPOST JOURNAL: 1995-2005. Selection from Jan. 1995 to Jan. 2005. Vol.66/1 to Vol.76/1. (43) 15.00